C1003 | Heinz

Bring an even and practical layer of light to a space with the Heinz ceiling fixture. Its minimalist design features simple, flat metal side walls and a flat white acrylic bottom lens provides uniform, functional light. Add texture with optional opaque overlay options.

Plus Customizations:

  • Metal Side Walls
  • Flat White Acrylic Bottom Lens
  • Overlay Options
18" A x 5" C
Weight: 9 lbs
LN  LED: Nominal 35W, 2000 Delivered Lumens 
LH  LED: Nominal 40W, 2250 Delivered Lumens 
24" A x 5" C
Weight: 14 lbs
LN  LED: Nominal 55W, 4000 Delivered Lumens 
LH  LED: Nominal 85W, 5600 Delivered Lumens 
36" A x 5" C
Weight: 29 lbs
LN  LED: Nominal 150W, 11800 Delivered Lumens 
42" A x 5" C
Weight: 39 lbs
LN  LED: Nominal 235W, 18500 Delivered Lumens 
48" A x 5" C
Weight: 42 lbs
LN  LED: Nominal 240W, 21000 Delivered Lumens 
Plus Customizations:
Bigger or Smaller: Other sizes available; contact the factory.

Contact Camman or your local Rep for additional information.
Additional Notes:

Mounting is to a 4 inch octagonal junction box.

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