What is Flex?

It’s a new way of thinking about custom lighting. It’s getting the custom lighting you want, without the unwanted expense and lead time.

An Innovative New Approach

Nobody wants to settle. Our customers demand unique lighting that enhances their space. Thoughtful design. And quality manufacturing.
But traditional custom lighting isn’t always a fit. So we asked a simple question – how can we deliver a custom experience without the custom cost and lead time?
The answer is Camman Flex.
Camman Flex builds on the engineering of existing custom design and engineering, providing a more affordable option than “ground up” custom. Serving as a starting point for customers requiring custom products, Camman Flex reduces both engineering effort and lead times, while providing a vision for customers that aren’t quite sure where to start.
It’s a new way of thinking, and it’s only possible because of our unique combination of design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities.
Camman Flex is a fit for designers, architects and customers who:
·        Are looking for inspiration but aren’t quite sure where to start
·        Need lighting faster, by reducing engineering effort
·        Want a more affordable option, by eliminating the most expensive aspects of traditional custom lighting
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