Great products don't just happen.

It takes quality service to get there.
At Camman Lighting, that's what you get between idea and delivery.

There's more to manufacturing.

At Camman Lighting we understand there’s more to manufacturing great products than, well, manufacturing. There’s something special that needs to happen to ensure the kind of satisfaction we deliver.

Communication across our organization is always fast and packed with knowledge and insight. Our inside and outside sales staff work closely with the project team, responding quickly and productively to every request.

Our engineers are highly involved from day one, and they stay involved through production. There’s no knowledge transfer where details are lost or requests are misunderstood.

In the end it’s simple. We deliver the service that we’d expect. We’re not just great at building fixtures – we’re also great at understanding requests and providing the insight necessary to ensure the best possible outcome.

We make life easier for our agents as well as the architects and designers we work with, by paying attention to details and finding ways to solve problems that other lighting manufacturers can’t – or won’t.

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