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Near-infinite design possibilities. Easy Latch & Lock installation. Endless configurations in lines, shapes and patterns - and quality only Camman can provide. Infinilite ushers in a new era of flexibility. Experience Infinilite. Experience better.

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Design Configurations

Engineered for ultimate flexibility, Infinilite is offered in three Pendant configurations (Lines, Shapes, and highly customizable Patterns), and our new Wall Mount. Whatever your need, there’s an Infinilite solution waiting for you.



Configurations in straight lines provide a simple and straightforward design foundation.



Core shape configurations add design flair and flexibility for a wide range of applications.



Patterns can be configured to meet the most imaginative design requirements.



Semi-flush mount, sleek and modern, in straight runs and around corners.

Benefits Beyond Design

Engineered for Flexibility

Seven standard connectors for most standard shapes. Featured swivel connector can be set to any angle between 90 and 170 degrees, allowing full design flexibility and organic shapes that aren't possible with standard fixed connectors.

Latch & Lock Design for Fast and Easy Installation

Installation has never been easier. We designed a Latch & Lock system for rapid install, ease of servicing, and improved field productivity. Infinilite not only lifts design constraints, but also lowers total cost of ownership. It’s just one more reason to love Infinilite.

Technology that delivers. Fast.

Our design engineers worked closely with our in-house manufacturing team to develop a rapid manufacturing process specific to Infinilite. Then, we stocked our shelves. Now you can have it all – flexible design & fast installation, in just 15 days. It’s all part of the Infinilite experience.

The Specifications You've Been Waiting For

Direct & indirect outputs are individually specifiable in 400, 500, 600 or 700 lumens per foot. 90CRI is standard.

Ultra-compact profile internal drivers. The industry’s only high-power, pixel-free LED, paired with a unique upper batwing lens and special high-efficiency lower lens.

Our compact 1-1/4” x 2-1/2”, designed from the ground up, made possible by the technology inside.

Seven standard fixed connectors feature our Latch & Lock joining system for easy assembly & tight seams. Plus our unique Swivel connector, freely adjustable from 90 to 170 degrees.

Experience Infinilite Today

Wherever you are there’s a Camman Rep ready to exceed your expectations. Get in touch today. You can also further explore Infinilite within our product catalog.