Process makes perfect.

Our engineer-to-order manufacturing process opens up
a whole new world of possibilities.

We're not your typical lighting manufacturer.

Our world-class engineer-to-order (ETO) manufacturing process enables us to take our customers to places other manufacturers can’t. The degree of flexibility we offer is unparalleled in the lighting industry.

While we carry a full line of Camman Standard products, and provide highly configurable Camman Plus products, our ETO process empowers us to design, engineer and manufacture to any customer’s unique specifications. Our ETO process provides close customer engagement throughout the project, infusing creativity and ultimately meeting the needs of the most demanding projects.

The Camman Difference.

There’s a significant disparity between our progressive ETO approach and traditional “make-to-order” production. Traditional manufacturers begin with fixed design and technical specifications that are filled with constraints, particularly when the customer requests customizations such as modified dimensions or different materials.

But engineering original products to order encompasses the entire design process. When engineering to meet unique customer requirements, designs spring from collaboration with the customer, supporting a much more creative process and closer collaboration. All resulting in a better experience and a better end product. With high quality, controlled cost and excellent production time.

ETO isn’t easy or common, but we’ve mastered the craft. And with it we’ve opened up a whole new world of options.

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