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Experience an evolution in standard products,
with more personalization than ever before.

Never Settle.

Why settle for standard products when you can have more? At Camman Lighting, our dedication to providing solutions for every client need is on full display through our Standard Plus product program.

Camman's Plus program provides an extra degree of freedom to customize most Camman Standard products, including dimensions, finish, performance, and adding or removing details.

Today’s customers demand – and deserve – a high degree of personalization. They need lighting that will help them set their space apart, lighting that will enhance their brand or meet specific functional needs. Which isn’t always possible with off-the-shelf lighting.

While most manufacturers offer a low level of flexibility, it’s often limited and greatly affects cost, lead time, or both. But we’re elevating standard product customization by offering more choices, most often with little to no effect on cost or lead time. We apply our world-class engineered-to-order (ETO) manufacturing processes which allows us to meet exact customer specifications and offer the highest degree of flexibility outside of custom product design available in today’s lighting industry.

Check out our Plus customizations and say goodbye to standard product constraints!

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