W720 | Ella

Like a modern candlestick, the sleek Ella sconce will bring wonderful illumination to a hallway or corridor or to layer the lighting plan in a larger space. A narrow white acrylic diffuser sits atop a subtle metal base and is capped at the top. Choose from a variety of finishes for this simple yet elegant fixture.

Plus Customizations:

  • Narrow White Acrylic Diffuser
  • Metal Lower Hub & End Cap
  • ADA
5"A x 12" B x 1.5" C x 2" D x 9.5" MC
Weight: 2 lbs
LN  LED: Nominal 10W, 650 Delivered Lumens 
5"A x 18" B x 1.5" C x 2" D x 15.5" MC
Weight: 2.5 lbs
LN  LED: Nominal 15W, 1100 Delivered Lumens 
Plus Customizations:
Bigger or Smaller: Can be made to many custom lengths, up to 32".

Contact Camman or your local Rep for additional information.
Additional Notes:

Mounting is to a 4 inch octagonal junction box.

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