P9346 | Skye

This cool little ball features a metal upper body and white acrylic lower diffuser. A clever magnetic joint makes it hardware-free and easy to service.

Plus Customizations:

  • Small Diameter
  • Hardware-Free Metal Upper Housing
  • Power Cord Hung, Driver in Canopy
5" A x 192" B
Weight: 2 lbs
LN  LED: Nominal 10W, 550 Delivered Lumens 
8" A x 192" B
Weight: 4 lbs
LN  LED: Nominal 25W, 1250 Delivered Lumens 
12" A x 192" B
Weight: 6 lbs
LN  LED: Nominal 30W, 1800 Delivered Lumens 
Plus Customizations:

Contact Camman or your local Rep for additional information.
Additional Notes:

Mounting is to a 4 inch octagonal junction box.

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