P2850 | Carina

Wonderful for task lighting or defining a space, this fixture has a cool retro vibe updated with modern details that draw attention. Its matte white acrylic inner lens is domed for visual interest and the metal inner body is available in a contrasting color to coordinate perfectly with your design scheme. It is suspended with aircraft cables and a power cord.

Plus Customizations:

  • Matte White Acrylic Inner Domed Lens
  • Metal Outer Body
  • Matte White Inner Body (Additional Colors Available)
  • (3) Aircraft Cables & Power Cord to Canopy
8" A x 24" B x 6" C
Weight: 5 lbs
LN  LED: Nominal 20W, 1000 Delivered Lumens 
16" A x 36" B x 12" C
Weight: 11 lbs
LN  LED: Nominal 30W, 1750 Delivered Lumens 
24" A x 48" B x 18" C
Weight: 20 lbs
LN  LED: Nominal 45W, 2550 Delivered Lumens 
Plus Customizations:
Bigger or Smaller: Other sizes available; contact the factory.

Contact Camman or your local Rep for additional information.
Additional Notes:

Mounting is to a 4 inch octagonal junction box.